Huge Market Opportunity in China

Newbury based LAT Water Limited signed a Contract on 20th August 2018 with Jiangsu
WELLE Environment Co. Ltd, China to establish a showcase facility for LAT Water’s innovative
industrial waste water technology in Shenyang. WELLE is the leading Chinese player in the
treatment of leachate and are the ideal partner for LAT Water to exploit the huge opportunities
available in the Chinese market.

LAT Water have forged a link with WELLE to create a platform for future development in the
leachate market in China by being able to demonstrate reduced energy consumption and
carbon emissions with cost savings of 40% compared to traditional processes.

“Landfill leachate, or “black water”, which is created when rain or ground water
percolates through the mass of mixed municipal and industrial waste in landfills, has
come under new China EPA water discharge standards. The country has implemented
new rules for discharge and is funding the effort to modernize the methods and systems
for handling this effluent …..authorities, agencies and industry stakeholders in China
and other countries are actively looking for alternative solutions to the treatment of this
effluent, which is one of the most highly contaminated and highly complex byproducts
of industrial operations.”. Source: ChinaWaterRisk

This initiative runs alongside an UK Government funded project (the Shanghai-UK Industrial
Challenge Programme) where LAT Water are working with Shanghai Denovo Environmental
Protection Technology Company to provide a solution to industrial waste water from a
pharmaceutical facility as well as a means to further develop LAT Water’s business.

LAT Water’s Chairman, Peter Champness added:

“This is the first of what we expect will be many major projects in China. The WELLE backed
showcase together with the Denovo Shanghai project are catalysts for growth and part of LAT
Water’s ongoing International business development strategy.”

For further information contact Peter Champness at:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1635 814411
Web: www.latwater