Viridor secures £548,000 grant for pilot project to extract water from landfill leachate

Viridor and a UK water purification company have secured government support to pursue a pilot
project which will demonstrate how to harness landfill gas energy as part of a process to extract
pure water from the leachate produced at a Devon landfill site.

Viridor and Newbury-based LAT Water have successfully secured a £548,000 grant from the
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator,
managed by the Carbon Trust, for a 21-month pilot project at Viridor’s Broadpath Landfill site in
Tiverton, near Exeter, in Devon.

The project will use low grade heat from Viridor’s landfill gas engines at ambient pressure to
concentrate the leachate and extract the water, achieving environmental benefits in retaining the
water resource while reducing CO₂ emissions by a potential 80% reduction in tankering

Terry Murphy, Viridor Technology and Innovation Forum Chairman and Landfill Director, said:
“Viridor is proud of the fact that our modern, engineered landfill sites are designed to extract landfill
gas which can be transformed to create electricity.

“To have the potential to take this process even further and harness heat from the landfill gas
process and use it to take pure water from leachate is an innovative solution and Viridor is
enthusiastic to pursue through this pilot project. Viridor is pleased to be working with LAT Water on
this process at the Broadpath Landfill site.”

Mr Murphy said Viridor was committed to transforming waste to create resources and the leachate
treatment pilot project being undertaken at Broadpath was an example of this commitment.

The sustainability potential of treating leachate on site would also not only significantly reduce costs
but also impact positively on the road miles associated with tankering this material away from
landfill sites.

LAT Water Chairman Peter Champness said: “I am excited that we have won further government
support to LAT Water’s commitment to develop innovative sustainable low energy cost solutions to
the growing challenge of managing complex Industrial waste.”